The Importance of Loving Yourself First This Valentine’s Day

I can’t think of any day that serves to remind single people how single they are like Valentine’s Day. Of course, there is “Galantine’s Day” and “Single Awareness Day,” but those aren’t major holidays that are blown up in single peoples’ face like Valentine’s Day.

I know it’s easy to reflect on one’s loneliness, but I’m here to tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the huge stuffed animals and the roses. Valentine’s Day is about love. More importantly, it’s about loving yourself.

giphy (1)

Loving yourself first is the secret to a fulfilling relationship. Learning to have a relationship with yourself is just like learning to have a relationship with someone else. You have to learn your boundaries, standards, how to pursue yourself, and so much more.

Self-love is sacred and a part of survival. I’ve learned that when you allow yourself to feel emotions and choose to honor those feelings, the hyper-love that feels out of reach is within reach. It’s within your own reach because it’s something you can give yourself every day. That is what it means to love, choose, and honor yourself daily.

I think of self-care as the key to self-love. How I choose to commit my time and energy is in a relationship with how I feel about myself and the life I live. I love treating myself. As a college student, it’s quite hard to treat myself with materialistic things. But that’s what I love about it; it’s a challenge.

So this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with sitting in your room with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and watching romantic movies — that’s probably what I’m going to do. But I’m not coming from a place of sadness, rather a place of joy because I’m treating myself.

Like I said earlier, Valentine’s Day is about love. Just because you don’t have a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have love in your life. Celebrate the love you have with others and yourself.

So, happy Valentine’s Day. From me to me, and hopefully, from you to you. I hope this year, we all choose ourselves and feel the love we need within.



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